What You Must Know Before Starting Any Landscaping Construction

You want to start your landscaping construction but maybe you do not know how to start? You have your plan, the plants, but it is not enough. You definitely took a walk through your local botanical garden and noticed the pathways, steps, bridges, raised garden beds and many more things.

For all those beautiful constructions you need some special tools. Before you are ready to start looking for the right tools, remember that there are a lot of tools that you will probably not need. Only a few are important, according to most home gardens and the gardeners who create them.

First, you need a site map drawing. It is kind of obvious, but it is worth mentioning so you do not focus on the other tools and forget what you really need to start your landscaping construction. Without it, your garden may become a conglomeration of ideas and structures that probably will not work together well.

After the plan, it is possible that you will need some demolition tools. That is in case your garden has some kind of structures that you find in the wrong place. Two of the demolition tools you may need, are a sledgehammer (for demolishing walls or anything made of concrete or mortar) and a crowbar (for levering rocks or bricks). Once your garden has been prepared and before you are ready to start landscape construction, you need to measure your site with some measure tools. Some of them are – set square (to keep a 90 degrees angle between two surfaces), tape measure (measuring length, width, depth of the structure and resources), string line (to mark where the structures need to be built), garden rose and chalk line.

Now you can start your landscape construction! For this, you need some ground tools: a wheelbarrow, a shovel or a spade, a rake (helps to level surfaces), and a blower vacuum.

From the stone and brickwork tools you should remember the mallet (looks like a hammer but it has a rubber head to gently ease bricks or rocks into place without breaking them), trowel (a must-have when using mortar), float (to smooth concrete) and brick chisel (when bricks or pavers need to be broken).

The last types of tools you may need are the timber and metal tools. For example, a circular saw, a hammer, a drill or an angle grinder. All of them will help you create the perfect landscaping construction, from step one to the end.

Your Home Landscape

It’s true that your home is your castle. Even if your “castle” looks like the gardener’s shed, it is still probably the most valuable asset you have. One of the greatest investments a home owner can make in their yard is to embark upon a landscape design, hard-scape or planting project. Many people seek out the expertise of a professional to create a beautiful landscape and then to develop a landscape maintenance package that fits their budget.

Besides the monetary value of owning a home with a great landscape, there is also a value in personal pride and an outward expression of creativity in a home landscape that can’t be quantified. It makes a statement in your neighborhood that you care about where you live.

A Landscape That Fits Your Personality

If you have a personality that’s formal, your landscape can have hedges, topiary plants, and colorful bedding annuals. If your style is more carefree and loose, some cottage garden wildflowers and evergreen trees will show others what you’re like. The landscaping company you hire should enjoy working with you to create a landscape style that is unique to you.

Many companies offer a landscape design service so you can see the end result of the project beforehand. This process involves listening, suggesting ideas, and putting together a plan that is affordable and can be implemented in stages if necessary. An example of phasing in a landscape installation would involve site grading and brick walkway and patio installation, or retaining walls to level the ground.

It is usually at this phase where you should consider a lawn irrigation system and seeding of a new lawn. As your budget allows, the landscape contractor can then come back the following year and install trees, shrubs, perennials, and ground covers to planting beds that were already prepared during the landscape construction process.

Home owners often choose to focus on the high priority planting areas first, such as along the foundation and entryways, then lawn area trees, and finally perimeter border plantings and perennial beds. The implementation and phasing in of a home landscape project is easy once you have a plan to follow.

Landscape Projects To Fit Your Budget

You might opt to hire a company to perform ongoing landscape maintenance services. Although some home owners like to cut their own lawns and enjoy doing certain projects themselves. Sometimes people just need a little help in the spring and in the fall cleaning up their yards. You can have bark mulch applied to your planting beds or you can request a mulch delivery so you can do it yourself.

If you haven’t kept up with your yard maintenance, and have an upcoming event at your house, consider hiring a landscape professional to come in ahead of time and make everything “clean and green.” If you are preparing a house to sell, a landscape company can suggest to you cost-effective ways to provide more curb appeal so that your house sells faster.